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The list of books that I'm currently working on or is out in stores. 

The Dark Flames
Book 1 Sun and the Moon   - In Stores
Book 2 Tears of the Cursed - In Stores
Book 3  Not edited

      This story begins in Rome….200BC. A Vampire named  Moros relates his tale of becoming an immortal and the life of a cursed vampire.  He also writes of a clan war which is brewing in the cities of Rome and Athens amongst the other vampires.  It is in Rome that Moros finds his true love, an Asian princess named Meeka who was lost in her world in the Jade Palace.

        Meeka’s father has gone mad and was willing to kill everyone for a son; a heir who would find immortality thru his son.  Though Meeka found solace with Moros, their life together somehow felt incomplete.  This was until a little girl who looked to be no more than five years of age entered their lives. While she did possess the body of an innocent… her mind does not belong to a child.

        Tammy is in fact an ancient vampire with many secrets.  She tells the story of her mother and the creation of “The curse." Her tale includes assassins, an Egyptian princess and even a twist in time.

The World of Fay
Book 1  Wings Of The Heart     - In Stores

Book 2  The Dark Swift                 - Not Edited

Book 3  The Return of the Airen - Not Edited

Book 4  Echo of the Heart            - Not Edited



Book cover by:


     The World of Fay is the world that is hidden from eyes of man. It hides deep in the woods, rivers and even in nature itself. To find The World Fay is to find the secrets of magic. The creatures known as the Dark Swift broke through the spell that held them back since the dawn of man. The worlds are falling in dismay from their influence. The creatures known in human mythology as “Fairies” hold the magic to stop them. To fight the Dark Swift a lonely princess must find her knight.

      In World of Fay has no knight that could change that outcome. This princess must blend with humans so she can find the one who will save the two worlds. In her travels, she will find a boy who stands out even for a human. This is his story of his life as a child of the Fae. He will learn why he was chosen to be part of the war that holds the known worlds together. If only he know he was destined to live a life of adventure and of love.

Journals of Lista Ends
Book 1                      -Published
Book 2                      -Not Edited
Book 3                      -Not Edited
Book 4                      -Not Edited

Book cover by:


​  This book is abount a young girl with wings known as the majastic ones will get tossed into the future were magic runs throughout the known lands. She will learn the ways of magic through four diffrent schools. One of fire, one of earth, one of water and last one of air. 

E-Book book1        Buy Here

Soft Cover book1   Buy Here

Hard Cover Book1  Buy Here

​-Not Finished  -Working on

    This is the story about race called Cinder. They live deep within a volcano. Cinder is also the name of the girl who claims the stone of seeing. She will need to find out why her world will soon come to end with the volcano exploding with the help of the humans

My World
​-Not Finished

    This is a story about three girls and how their lives all intertwined in a twisted tail. One is a human girl who gets switch with a monster in the monster’s world. The world of the monsters doorway leads into shadows of the human’s world. It all started by a goddess who is also a teenager who loves to cause trouble.

The Bonds
​-Not Finished

    Let their be man and let their be women. On earth that was the way humans were born.  This story starts in a world far within the universe, and parallel to the planet earth lived another lush plant know as Tresta. On this wild plant lived sentient being called Elopians. The Elopian race lived differently than any human could imagine. The females of that race look like human  but their eyes reflect their differences. The males of this race are dragons born from an egg.

    This strange union was a bond that was unheard of by any alien race or any breeding on any other plant. For centuries, they lived in peace within the universe with other races. Until one day, there way of life ended and a lizard type race called the Dront that shares no value other than destroying planets for their resource attacked Tresta. The raging battle last for over a hundred years and the Elopians did their best to keep their way of life from being extinct. Even with their effort only a hand full remains. They have one hope as a alien called the watcher saves them all.

The Key and the Magical Doors
​-Not Finished

    A  Key maker finds a magical key. This one act changes his very world. Set in the known earth and time. 

The Spark
-Not Finished

   As I aroused from the nock to the head I notice I could not move my hand or my legs. The darkness took my sight by something bound to my head. Since I was a child, I could flip my hands over my head. I guess being double jointed was nice in a time like this. With a crack of my shoulder, I moved my arm around. After I pulled the blind fold off, I still saw nothing but pitch black. What I could feel was my legs bound by metal. Therefore, I had to guess I would be here for some time. I leaned back and breathed as slowly as I could.  Maybe I should tell my story on how I got into this mess.

   It seems logical to go back and explain my world. The world had three great wars. It was the last war that we had any records that lasted by degrading of time. What I have learned was that the battle was for the last resources on earth. After the battle ended, nothing stood. Most humans died and just a hand few of cities still remained. The years passed on by and time forgot what happened long ago. For about five thousand years passed since that war, happen. The world changed and healed itself from the bombs they used. Most of the old ways died with the men who created them. Therefore, we had to find a new way to create things that could help our life style. My uncle found most of tapes in a vault that remained mostly. You see my uncle was a fixer like me. However, before I get ahead of myself let me tell you about the legendary city of Teera. The city was created after the war when the last hope that humanity would survive.

The city was rumored it was hidden under a huge dome but to this date, no one had found such a place. Therefore, it became a myth until I found the key to that very city. I was very young when I found it so let me start there.

The Swordsman and the Bard
-Not Finished   - Working on

 This story is about an swordsman with no name that meets a bard.

The Furry Tales of Hopscotch
Book 1 The Golden Carrot     -Not Edited
Book 2 The Lost Power          -Not Edited
Book 3 The Frog King            -Not Edited
Book 4 The Harvest               -Not Edited

     In the mystical world, know as The World of Fay lived a family of Frabbits. I bet your wondering… “What is a Frabbit?” You may know what a fluffy rabbit is, but in this world hold great magic. A frog and rabbit one day fell in love and thus created the race known as the Frabbits. Now you must be wondering what does one look like? The Frabbit had long floppy ears. So long, in fact that they drag on the ground. You would think that the rabbit would simple fall over or trip on its long white ears. The Frabbits were great jumpers and could jump higher than any rabbit could. Occasionally you will catch one trying to eat a tasty fly, but the Frabbit would rather have a tasty carrot.

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